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Play Arts Kai

Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition - Gouki/Akuma

Presented in window box packaging, the 8” Super Street Fighter IV Play Arts Kai Series 02: Akuma features multiple points of articulation. Akuma is the dark master of Shun Goku Satsu, a technique that physically threatens both the practitioner and the target. He killed his master and eventually killed his brother, who was the teacher of both Ken and Ryu. Ken immediately went after Akuma to avenge his master, but lost the fight quite quickly. Ryu came along later, pursuing Akuma both in grief over his master and because he had begun to sense some of Akuma’s dark nature in himself. Akuma has pushed himself beyond all human limitations, and he often wanders idly. He fights only those worthy, searching perpetually for one who might finally rival his terrible power.

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